Staff & Community Projections: West Virginia vs. Texas Tech

Let’s pick again.

OddsShark has the current spread at West Virginia -3.5 so that’s where we’re focused for picking this game.

Staff Predictions

Dan Swany
Straight Up (2-2): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (2-2): Texas Tech
Commentary: Bowman continues his impressive freshman campaign, and throws 5 TDs to 5 different receivers. The ground game is also rocking, with Taz Henry getting 2 more TDs on 10+ yard scrambles. WVU lights up the scoreboard in the 1st half, but our defense does their thing and shuts the Mountaineers out in the second half causing 3 turnovers. My pick last week came back to bite me, because I picked off history not from my heart. I’ll go back to picking our Red Raiders every time (for now).

Straight Up (3-1): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (3-1): Texas Tech
Commentary: I’m doing my best not to let this pic be emotionally-driven. I spent a lot of time considering West Virginia’s schedule and weaknesses and I think this game belongs to Tech for a few reasons. Tech has been tested on the road, West Virginia has not. Tech has played quality opponents, West Virginia has not. Tech has faced two solid defenses, West Virginia has not. Tech has a running game, West Virginia does not. Finally, Tech has the ability to control the ball and tempo of the game, West Virginia does not. It’s going to be a close one.

Straight Up (2-2): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (2-2): Texas Tech
Commentary: As far as numbers are concerned, WVU is coming in with a solid defense. However, they have yet to play an offense that has averaged 60 points in its last three games. I was not a believer last week. Today is a new day. Let the tortillas and/or tortilla towels fly.

Michael LaBarre
Straight Up (3-1): West Virgnia
Against the Spread (4-0): West Virginia
Commentary: West Virginia is more proven than Oklahoma State, and they have a great QB matched up with some proven WRs. Frye stepped up in a big way last week, securing that spot opposite Fields, and Johnson returned to make a pretty good defense. If the D-line can create pressure like they did in the second half against OKST, Tech will have a shot. That being said, this does hurt Tech being an 11 am game, as some students may not show up and perhaps not quite as rowdy. WVU defense will be Bowman’s biggest test so far. I got WVU in this one, but if Tech wins, my 4-8 preseason prediction gets debunked in the best way and prepare for a great season.

Straight Up (1-3): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (1-3): Texas Tech
Commentary: I think we’ve seen the ability this defense has to limit potent offenses. Granted, Tech hasn’t faced an attack like the Mountaineers yet, but the run defense and the ability to turn people over is where I’m hanging my hat. This very well could be a high scoring, back and forth game, but I think the team that is positive in the turnover margin and efficient on offense will win this game. At home in front of a raucous crowd, give me the Red Raiders to notch win no. 4 this weekend and really get the koolaid flowing.

Straight Up (3-1): West Virginia
Against the Spread (3-1): West Virginia
Commentary: I was incredibly impressed with Texas Tech last week, and they indeed showed me a lot. However, it became readily evident that Cornelius couldn’t get the ball down the field, and got hurried into tossing the ball into the dirt fairly regularly. Grier won’t do that. I still worry about the big plays we saw against Ole Miss & Houston, and Grier & Sills will be able to deliver. I also worry about the speed of the Mountaineer defense, as they may be able to snag a few of those deep hanging Bowman passes over the middle.

Straight Up (2-2): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (2-2): Texas Tech
Commentary: I’m so torn here, there’s part of me that somewhat realizes that Oklahoma State was not quite the offensive team that they thought they were, but I think that West Virginia is. I don’t think I know all that much about West Virginia’s defense and I think they haven’t been tested and playing on the road at 11:00 a.m. may prove to be really advantageous for Texas Tech. I’ll take Texas Tech, but I think if the Red Raiders win, it’s by 1 or 2.

Community Predictions (3-1)

If you voted last week, please feel free to keep track of your own progress in the comments. I want to know if you are a gambling savant.

Predict the outcome of the Texas Tech vs. West Virginia game.

West Virginia, by 4 or more.
West Virginia, by 3 or less.
Texas Tech, by 3 or more.
Texas Tech, by 2 or less.


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