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Ranking the New Food Items at Jones Stadium

It’s good to be back.

Today, select members of the local media were invited to sample the newest food offerings available for the upcoming 2018 season. As usual, the Staking the Plains invitation was lost in the mail.

Thanks to Sean Dillon over at Rock101, we have an inside look into what can soon be purchased at the Jones. I have ranked Dillon’s descriptions below in my order of “least excited” to “most excited” with a few comments mixed in for clarity.

8. “Pork rib baskets aka the Hub City Rib Tips smoked with a honey bbq sauce served with fries”

Ribs are good, but messy. They’re also hard to do right, especially on such a grand scale. I prefer to keep my fingers clean while at the game as not to cover a neighbor’s hand in sauce during an impromptu high-five.

7. “Hand cut rib eye sandwiches aka The Raider Ribeye served on a potato bun served with chips”

Not sure I’ve ever enjoyed a ribeye sandwich. They sound good in theory, but end up being too chewy or too hard to bite and I end up ditching the bun and going caveman on it.

6. “Hickory smoked turkey legs aka The Fearless which is a mesquite smoked turkey leg”

Turkey legs are a solid addition and I’m sure they’ll be a crowd pleaser, especially with that West Texas mesquite smoke. I lived almost entirely on turkey legs at Chilifest in Snook years ago and don’t believe I’ve had one since. People have tequila stories; I have turkey leg stories.

5. “Foot-long chili cheese dog topped with Fritos and fried onions aka The Wreck Em Chili Dog

Chili dogs are good on their own. Let’s leave the Fritos for the pies.

4. “Penne-style ham focaccia sandwich on rosemary bread served with chips.”

This definitely gets some points for being portable, and the rosemary adds a nice extra dimension of flavor.

3. “Louisiana Cajun hot link aka The Raider Red which is spicy, served with fries”

Now we are talking. Slap some mustard on this bad boy and chomp it down before you even get back to your seat.

2. “Fried chicken baskets aka the Lone Star Chicken Legs (2 fried chicken legs with fries)”

Such a simple idea, and probably everyone’s favorite piece of yardbird.

1. “Green chili cheeseburger aka The Matador which has pepper jack cheese and Hatch green chiles with fries.”

You probably predicted that my favorite choice would be a cheeseburger. The cheeseburger is an endless muse, capable of so many iterations and nuance. Not to mention it has the best name on the list.

How say you? Which food would tear away your hard-earned $14?*

*prices were not released – this is purely an estimate based on the fact that stadium food costs more than a movie ticket


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