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The Morning Stake | 2018.05.03

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The men’s golf team will particpate in their 17th straight NCAA appearance, as they were selected to participate as the No. 3 seed in the Columbus Regional, along with Oklahoma State, Illinois, UNLV, Wake Forest, Northwestern, Penn State, Tennessee, Louisville, Jacksonville, Michigan State, Yahle and Cleveland State (official site). This is now the longest connsecutive NCAA streak for any team at Texas Tech. That’s pretty terrific.

Golfer Fredrik Nilehn has been named the Big 12 Men’s Golfer of the Year (official site). Nilehn has missed the past three tournaments (including the Big 12 Tournament), but should be ready to return for the NCAA Regional.

The softball team will play a double-header today against UTEP, first pitch is at 1:00 p.m. (official site). The team sits at 26-24 on the year and taking one of these games would give them a wining regular season record, which would be great.

Lady Raider Basketball

That’s four commits in four days. Yesterday, Odessa College guard Chinna Fair (5’10”) comitted to Texas Tech after averaging 11.5 points a game last year, helping lead her team to two regional championships (official site). If you’re thinking that Stollings has to be close to being done . . . well . . . I’m counting six players currently on the roster for the Lady Raiders. Add these four recent JUCO commits, that’s 10 players and she has a scholarship limit of 13. A lot of ladies coaches don’t fill a couple of spots just in case becauase they don’t necessarily need the practice bodies like the men do because they’ll often get rec players to practice against the ladies. I’d guess that Stollings fills up her scholarship limits if she can and she might start to focus on some high school players.

Texas Tech Basketball

RedRaiderSports’ Bill Hipple interviewed former Red Raider basketballer Martin Zeno. Oh, and if you’re thinking that the last question looks familiar, yes, you are correct, it is and Dan has already confirmed that Bill borrowed that question from your buddies at STP. Oh, and we’re all good with it, Bill is good people.

Texas Tech Football

The NCAA will be mandating some new rules regarding how uniforms look, so all of you folks that like to show those abs off will no longer be allowed to do so.

We mentioned the proposed rule yesterday that would give a student-athlete who transfers to gain a year back if they graduate. CBSSports’ Chip Patterson writes taht thsi proposal may not get that much traction:

The NCAA working group hopes to present a full set of reforms to the Division I Board of Directors this summer.

“I would support the conversation, but I think it’s got to be sport-by-sport,” Texas Tech AD Kirby Hocutt said. “I don’t think it can be a discussion that encompasses all 17 sports we have at Texas Tech.”

And for what it’s worth, the Associated Press’ Ralph Russo expressed some doubt in the proposal will go through.

InsideTheRedRaiders’ Jarrett Johnson has a Q&A with cornerback Octavious Morgan:

Johnson: You bring back a lot of starters and depth on defense. Who are some of the leaders and who do you hang out with?

Morgan: I hang out with just about everybody. We all got a group chat and talk to each other daily. We have a good connection with each other, great chemistry. We play video games a lot together. Jah’Shawn (Johnson), he’s probably the captain, he’s been here the longest. We just follow his lead, honestly.

I’m sure that some of you are going to want to pour one out as the Big 12 supervisor of officials Walt Anderson has resigned (CollegeFootballTalk).


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