Texas Tech Football Notebook: OC Kevin Johns and OL Terence Steele Discuss Spring

The offensive coordinator and right tackle spoke to the media yesterday.

This is your non-transcript of offensive coordinator Kevin Johns and right tackle Terence Steele. Pretty interesting stuff from Johns about Duffey as I don’t recall any coach praising Duffey as much as Johns did.

Kevin Johns:

[Have you been to the Star in Frisco?] Never been to the Star, that it is a phenomenal experience, crowd packs the house, great show put on by our players, top notch facilities. Should be fun.

[What you’re looking to improve on in this scrimmage?] We’re trying to play like we’re in game-shape. What happens in practice, is that you go 4 or 5 and take a break, and in a game you go 10 and you have to be willing to stay out there and be in great condition. Play cleaner no penalties, no mistakes, know the mechanics of our offense, get lined up and know our signals. So Saturday i a big day for us.

[How to reduce penalties?] It is a maturity issue, we have enough guys that we shouldn’t have those issues any more. It’s just focusing and being lazy.

It’s just the look in their eye, I just sense some hunger a team that wants to get better that wants to learn that wants to take the next step. We talked as a team earlier in the spring about going from good to great and I really truly think they want to be great and they have to allow us as coaches to push them to be great, but I think the hunger, the look in their eye, all of those things are there that want to be great.

[Tre King out practicing] Tre is a guy that has been out there and has experience, he’s still working out some kinks, he looking good, hitting the hole, I saw him lower his pads and run with some velocity, those are all good things.

[Potential of Da’Leon Ward] I think that’s a great word, there’s a lot of potential, those guys are Big Ten physical running backs. D-Ward has impressed me so much this spring, has run with velocity, that should be a dynamic 1-2 punch.

You’re going to need more than 1 back, you can’t go through the season with just 1 guy, you’re going to need 3 maybe 4, same with quarterback, you’re going to need more than 1 ready.

[King participating this week] I think maybe a little bit Tuesday, had was in some 7-on-7 drills, I think we’re just going to keep progressing.

[Can Sterlin Galban play this year?] Maybe, I think it depends on how much he grows from this point on, how much is he willing to eat and put on mass and get in the film room. We’ll see, I think it’s up to him.

[De’Quan Bowman making plays] I think De’Quan is ready to go, he’s worked really hard for a long time. He’s worked really hard for a long time and he’s shown everyone what he’s got, I’m excited to see what he can do.

[Status of Jett Duffey] I think Duffey can be a great player at quarterback you cannot substitute experience and reps and if we could do spring ball 3 more times, 30 more practices, that would be phenomenal, he needs them all. He’s a special talent and a special kid. I think he’s got a big-time arm, there aren’t a lot of weaknesses in his game, other than he just hasn’t played in that fast speed and tempo of a defense coming to hunt you down and the more experiencnce he gets the sky’s the limit for him.

[How McLand Carter has done?] He has done it a little bit more so he’s further ahead from the mental side of things, talented kid, skilled kid, can run it and throw it both, we can win with both of them.

[More on Carter] I think that he’s working at it every day, you talk to every quarterback and they’re going to say accuracy and decision making and that’s what separates NFL quarterbacks, I think he’s working at it every day, that’s why we coach and why they practice.

Terence Steele.

It’s really good, b/c we all know each other, we just click better, the more expereince the better.

Knowing the game, knowing the offense better, knowing my job and the other person’s job and what the receivers are doing.

It was good, we have more competition pretty much, we always push each other.

[Young guys who have impressed.] Gio has come a long ways, he’s always after school stretchning getting his arms and legs right, Dawson Deaton is putting on a show this spring, physical player, he plays center, right guard, tackle, he has all of the positions down, very versatile.

Gio has to get in the film room and get in the weight room and he’ll be fine. Just doing extra work, I alwasy see him in there when I go in.

Trey [King] is a phenomenal back he has a ton of experience. Da’Leon [Ward] is just as good as Tre.

[Who gives Steele the most competition] My man Bruffy over there, we compete in everything we do, lifts, runs, practice, spring game, I aspire to beat him this spring.

[Playing Fortnite] I don’t know how he does it, Bailey for sure, it’s fun to watch.

Red Raider Report with Travis Bruffy.


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