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The Morning Stake | 2018.03.29

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Never Die Easy. This guy makes himself incredibly hard to find, he lives in an old bus up a mountain and no one really knows where to find him. He likes to run and drink a few beers.

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Dunks. Congrats to Zach Smith for being part of the dunk contest tonight on ESPN2!

Visit with Kevin McCullar.

Texas Tech visited San Antonio shooting guard Kevin McCullar last night and McCullar is down to five programs, Houston, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Kansas State, and Texas Tech. Rivals’ Eric Bossi spoke to McCullars about his five choices and here’s what he said about Texas Tech:

Texas Tech: “I like how he (Chris Beard) has transformed Texas Tech basketball. I like his coaching style and how he is having a lot of guards playing. He was telling me before the game against Villanova he wants me to come in and be his point guard. He is on me pretty tough.

“It is good to have him talk to me before such a big game. Coach Weber was doing the same thing, texting me before the game; it just means a lot for them to do that.”

LaBarre mentioned McCullar in this week’s Possible Red Raiders and McCullars’ father played football for Texas Tech before we talk about how the children of former Red Raiders end up choosing or not choosing Texas Tech, just remember that a lot plays into it, including the depth charts and other players at their position. McCullars is a 2019 guy and there are still two spots available for the 2018 class.

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Mahomes is Ready. Chiefs’ B.J. Kissel reports on head coach Andy Reid meeting with the media and he said that former Texas Tech footballer Patrick Mahomes is ready to be the guy at Kansas City:

“He’s constantly studying, coach or no coach,” Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid explained of Mahomes this week while talking with the media in Orlando at NFL league meetings. “I’d expect to hit the ground running (with him). It’s not one of these situations where you’re going to have to back up and go, OK, he’s a rookie and you’ve got to start from scratch—that’s not where you’re at with him.”


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