23 Personnel: Selection Sunday, NCAA Tourney Prep, Baseball Road Trip and Spring Football – 010

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Show Notes – Episode 010

What on Earth is Sonic trying to do to us by destroying the all-American burger? They’ve come out with a slider that is 25% mushroom and we can’t believe the lengths the tree huggers are going to “protect the environment.” What about the manatee, the humble sea cow? Those things pump out methane on the regular to float and we’re worried about cows burping? Come on.

There are so many great movies with one word titles, so we break down our top 5 movies in that category. Spencer selected (in no particular order) Memento, Se7en, Armageddon, Alien, and Interstellar. Michael selected Goodfellas, Gladiator, Braveheart, Tombstone, and Predator.

Red Raider basketball has been seeded third and sent to the Eastern bracket in Dallas to face off against Texas foe Stephen F Austin. The Lumberjacks aren’t intimidated as a 14 seed facing off against a Big 12 foe, as they took down a third seeded Press Virginia a couple of years back. Even as a 10+ point favorite, we’re a little cautious in our optimism for this game. Dan has a Q&A qeued up with writers from the SFA site The Sawmill to help us prep for the matchup with the Lumberjacks. The possible rematch with Press Virginia is not ideal, but a lot would have to happen for us to get to that point – let’s just win this game against SFA first.

Baseball went on the road against a top 5 team Kentucky and went 1-of-3. The Wildcats ended the win streak in fairly comfortable fashion. Tech just looked out of sorts on both Friday and Saturday. As a top ranked RPI school and top 5 team, there isn’t much to gain from scheduling like this unless the team is learning from this experience to help them avoid a similiar let down in postseason play.

Dates for open practices and scrimmages have been announced for the football team and we’re probably going to have a legit spring game this year. Michael, LaBarre and Spencer will probably get together to view that event in April.

Listener questions included thoughts on what we would want to change with the football offense under the new offensive coordinator, how many Tech fans will show up in Dallas for the game against SFA, how many front seven defenders Tech will likely be recruiting, and how Michael ranks Motley Crue concerts he’s attended.

We wrap it all up with things we learned this week. Michael learned how much he enjoyed watching a movie with the older ladies. Spencer learned just how much he sucks at staining a fence.

In case you want to skip right to the good stuff: Intro 0:01:00; Basketball 0:17:55; Baseball 0:44:15; Football 0:53:10; Listener Questions 1:01:00


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