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The Morning Stake: 2018.03.12

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Back from a Terrific Weekend. Much thanks to Dan andMichael for helping me this weekend. They both had things to do and they agreed to help me out and I’m very grateful that they helped out all weekend long.

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Weekend Update. Not the best result, but Texas Tech did take game three from Kentucky on Sunday. LaBarre updated the series thread with the results and recaps. Oh, and other than reading what LaBarre wrote, I don’t have a clue what happened and maybe that’s good. Texas Tech has Louisville up next in a two-game series and they’re pretty good too. Should be fun. (I’m also guessing that Tadlock doesn’t give a flip about playing tough teams.)

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#3 East Seed. As Dan posted yesterday, Texas Tech is a #3 seed in the East Region in Dallas and play on Thursday at 6:27 at The American Airlines Center. I can’t embed yesterday’s press conference where head coach Chris Beard discussed his reaction and spoke with reporters, but you can watch the presser on the official site.

A-J Media’s Carlos Silva, Jr. was at the 4ORE! Golf facility where the team was watching the Selection Show and found out about the #3 seed:

Gray is also certain a previous loss in the 2016 tournament will provide plenty of learning lessons.

“I know in Raleigh, we got a little taste of the tournament,” he said. “I felt like our mindset wasn’t really to continue in the tournament. We were just happy to be there. So I feel like all of us, we’ve grown from that. We learned from a lot of our mistakes in that game. We know what it takes in order to move on now. We can relate that back to the young guys and tell how their mindset needs to be and how they need to prepare for these games.

“It’s one game, you lose and you’re done. Survive and advance.”


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