ESPN College GameDay: Texas Tech Open Thread

Your open thread for ESPN’s College Gameday.

Hopefully, this is the first of many ESPN College GameDay’s in Lubbock, Texas as the Red Raiders host Kansas for what could be the deciding game for the Big 12 Championship.

What: ESPN College GameDay
When: 10:00 a.m.
Where: Lubbock, Texas and ESPN

I’m going to dump as much content here as I can and the thing I wanted to highlight the press conference with Jay Williams and the question asked by Carlos Silva, Jr. about what Williams has seen from Lubbock:

I’m so damn excited to be here because we haven’t been here before . . . It’s a celebration of the program, this is essentially a Texas Tech infomercial for an hour, which is great from a coaching perspective, brining a guy like Chris Beard on set, I’ve read a lot of interviews about Chris Beard, I’ve heard him speak, I follow the stations here, I don’t think the country has been introduced to Texas Tech like we can make it can happen tomorrow . . . Also a chance for the world to see the fanbase, I’ve seen a lot of games, I know how crazy you are here . . .

The always reliable RedRaiderSports’ Will McKay has a lot more quotes from Williams interview session.

Also make sure and check out Adam Doyle and Jay Bilas go 94 feet with Doyle asking the questions:

And our very own Malik Ondigo with Maria Taylor, which is always fun to watch:

This is your open thread as I want you to feel free to post any good stuff in the comments:

Let’s go.


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