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The Morning Stake | 2018.02.16

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NCAA Corruption Case. Yahoo! Sports’ Pete Thamel writes that more legal charges could come a a result of the federal corruption case and this is pretty explosive:

Multiple sources who’ve been briefed on the case and are familiar with the material obtained by feds told Yahoo Sports that the impact on the sport will be substantial and relentless. Sitting under protective order right now are the fruits of 330 days of monitoring activity by the feds, which one assistant US Attorney noted Thursday was “a voluminous amount of material.” That includes wiretaps from 4,000 intercepted calls and thousands of documents and bank records obtained from raids and confiscated computers, including those from notorious NBA agent Andy Miller.

“This goes a lot deeper in college basketball than four corrupt assistant coaches,” said a source who has been briefed on the details of the case. “When this all comes out, Hall of Fame coaches should be scared, lottery picks won’t be eligible to play and almost half of the 16 teams the NCAA showed on its initial NCAA tournament show this weekend should worry about their appearance being vacated.”

And there’s the prospect that this year’s NCAA champion will have that championship vacated:

NCAA officials are staring at the prospect of a tournament with a winner that will likely be vacating its title – and many others eventually vacating their appearances. There’s a lingering mushroom cloud over the sport’s upcoming showcase event that won’t go away. The most fascinating and tricky variable here is time.

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Kingsbury (and Staff) on Mayfield. SI’s Robert Klemko details the relationship with Texas Tech when he was a freshman at Texas Tech, including Kliff Kingsbury, Eric Morris, Clayton Nicholas (the former quarterback), Zach Austin, Eric Ward, Reginald Davis, etc. This is an interesting situation and Kingsbury, of course, takes the high road, what he’s done the entire time during the situation. Basically, Kingsbury has had NFL teams ask Kingsbury about his thoughts on Mayfield:

“Yes, I’ve had a few reach out to get my thoughts on his makeup, his mentality, how he compares to some of the others guys we’ve had,” Kingsbury says. “What stood out to me, and what I tell these teams, is how quickly he processed information. He’s got the strong arm, the quick release, but what really was really impressive was how quickly he could take it from the classroom to the practice field.”

And Clayton Nicholas the former quarterback who ended up at Bowling Green, said that Michael Brewer was probably teaching the offense to Mayfield in Austin:

“It was difficult to understand the offense they brought from Texas A&M just from watching film, because Johnny Manziel was just doing his own thing on every play,” Nicholas says. “Not many people know this part of the story. I believe Michael [Brewer] was teaching [Mayfield] the Kingsbury offense while he was not even there, so when he came in it looked like he was ready to go.”

Kingsbury kinda talked about the end of the year and how that played out.

Looking back, Kingsbury knew his options were limited. “During the season it’s tough to hold a quarterback competition and get done what you need to get done. At the end of the season, you try to reach them all and help them understand where your mind’s at, but that didn’t work with Baker. I’ve always said he’s a great young man. Loved working with him, and I think he’ll have tremendous success.”

Miscellaneous. KWTX reports that there are two redshirt baylor football players being investigated with a sexual assault report involving Baylor’s equestrian team with the incident being recorded and posted on social media . . .


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