Favorite Texas Tech Moment of 2017

What was your favorite Texas Tech moment of 2017?

I hope that you all have made it safely to 2018. One of the things I bought for my wife is a picture book of 2017. It was super easy because I use Google Photos and you can essentially click on some photos, pay for it and you get this nice hard-cover book of all of the year’s memories. I’ve found myself flipping through the book more than once as it’s on the coffee table and it’s pretty fun how you can re-live some of those specific memories.

With 2017 in the books, I was wondering what your favorite moment was from the 2017 year for Texas Tech. It can be a game that Texas Tech won or it can be something that sticks out in your brain as being significant. I’m hoping that we all have some different memories and your memories will bring back a string of thoughts about your moments. Maybe it’s the football team beating Texas in Austin, or the baseball team absolutely wholloping TCU, or the volleyball team making the post-season or something completely different.


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