Five Post Game Thoughts: South Florida 38, Texas Tech 34

Texas Tech finished 6-7 in a disappointing loss to South Florida.

  1. The defense was pretty much amazing, multiple 4th down stops and 2 turnovers. Those 4th down stops on or near the goal line were just amazing. The defense had holes, had some big plays against them, but they had huge plays to get some huge stops. It is a love-hate relationship. If anything, the secondary really needs to get better. Lots of holes in the secondary.
  2. With that being said, USF scores a touchdown with 0:16 remaining and it is a play that maybe shouldn’t have even happened because on the play prior to that, Flowers wasn’t outside the tackle box and should have been a loss of downs and a penalty. Alas, the penalty wasn’t called and Texas Tech loses the game. /sigh/
  3. The offense was mediocre at best, the running game was very good, over 150 yards, but Shimonek was inconsistent at best and under pressure for a good part of the game. Shimonek was just a shade over 50% in completion percentage (we really don’t get to count the last completion because who cares about that).
  4. The rushing game was actually pretty good, running for over 160 yards for the day and I can certainly live with that. I almost wish that Texas Tech would have run a bit more.
  5. This game sorta puts the bow on a season that epitomizes what the season was about. An offense that struggles for big parts of the game. The defense was good, but not good enough and gave up a big play at the end. But let me tell you what, 2018 is going to be something . . . just you wait for an offseason of promise and potential and good times.

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