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The Morning Stake | 2017-10-27

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  If you haven’t figured it out, this time of year, when basketball is about to ramp up, is my busiest time of year, so things sometimes just don’t get written about. One of those things was the annual release of the coaching salary database by USA Today and LandGrant Gauntlet has done us the favor of ranking the Big 12 coaches in terms of annual salary, with Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury ranking 5th in the Big 12 at $3,503,975 annually with a buyout of $6,993,750.

 A-J Media’s Don Williams has his Blackie Sherrod scattershooting article that initially focuses on how Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt essentially didn’t even interview for the three open AD jobs, Nebraska, Tennessee and Arizona:

It can’t be stressed enough that Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec is a big sports fan by nature and will do everything he can to keep Hocutt from looking elsewhere. Schovanec signed him to a seven-year, $7.525 million contract in August 2016, making Hocutt one of the top dozen or so highest-paid ADs in America, just 11 months after outgoing Tech President Duane Nellis gave Hocutt a substantial raise and extension.

Also noted is that Hocutt addressed the Double-T scoreboard and that because it’s filled with concrete (allegedly, I don’t know, that’s just what I’ve heard), that scoreboard will be incorporated in some form or fashion in any South endzone renovation:

Hocutt said he’s not sure the original is salvageable, “but our fans, our alumni, have spoken loud and clear about how important that is, symbolic to Texas Tech. So I’m not sure the location, exactly what it will look like. In all likelihood, it will not be the same Double T that’s up there now, but I’ve heard our fan base loud and clear, of how important that structure is for us.”

  Miscellaneous . . . Sports On Earth’s Matt Brown predicts a big win for the Sooners . . . Heartland College Sports’ Pete Mundo previews Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma and predicts a win for the Sooners . . .


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