Texas Tech Preseason Practice Report: Captains Named; Ward Returns to Team

The five captains were voted on by their teammates and Da’Leon Ward returns to the team.

This will be the last preseason practice report because at this point, it’s the official start to the season. If you’re up early enough, the Primer drops at 8:00 am, then Michael has a post for you and then Brian gets his poster up at noon.

Kliff Kingsbury:

. . . [On the new rules without two-a-days] I think everybody is trying to find a happy medium how to keep them interested without preseason games, I’m not sure if the NCAA will back off of 4 weeks. Not going to hard or too light, when that first game hits, you hope you did your best.

. . . [Most comfortable with and what needs work] You always need work on every aspect, but our receiving corps that veteran group, been through a lot and are senioers, except for Keke [Coutee], you know what you’re going to get every time out.

. . . [The five captains] The team votes on that, Dylan and Cam are seniors, Dakota, which is awesome for him to come back and had the imact he’s had on our program, Jah’Shawn has played a lot of football defensively, and Nic, the 5th year senior. They do everything right, they work so any time that the players vote for teh guys that are your hardest workers, that’s a good sign for your program.

. . . [Who is #2 quarterback] McLane Carter the first week, still bringing Jett Duffey along. The bye week works out well, McLane has done a nice job and see where it goes from there.

. . . [Second team tackles] As of now, we’ll slide Madison Akamnonu over them, and have a rotation with Bruffy and Steele. [Madison is the third guy on both sides].

. . . [On the guard rotation] We’ll see, it could be an in-game deal, I like how they’re competing and take it week to week and go from there.

. . . [Do you want McLane to get some snaps?] We’ll see how the game is going, it’s not like he was in high school, he took a bunch of snaps there, as far as preparedness, I feel good about how he’ll operate in the moment.

. . . [Health wise, how do you feel?] Fairly good, everyone has their bumps and bruises, the guys that we started with are who we line up with on Saturday.

. . . [Discuss JoJo Robinson and Nick McCann] JoJo is still learning our system, will be a very good player in our offense, we’ll bring him a long and gethim some meaningful reps. Nick McCann got a bunch of reps with the one’s is a big strong kid still learning how to go hard all of the time and we’ll see how it goes the rest of the season.

. . . [Update on Da’Leon Ward] We’ll get him back tomorrow and go from there, see how he handles his business and take it week-to-week.

. . . [More on Ward] We’ll find out, if he gets up here and takes care of his business. He’s enrolled in school.

. . . [Who starts at running back?] Justin Stockton will be a starter, Desmond Nisby, has done a great job, Felton has played a bunch here and then Trey King.

. . . [How much does Da’Leon have to make up] He’s a good player, he knows the system, physically, he could hop out there and give us what we need, but he has a lot to prove off the field for us.

. . . [Brought in a big crop of guys late] I think a combination of that and having the bye week early, that will give them move days to get ready.

. . . [How has Douglas Coleman improved?] Doug has dome a long way, eh ball seems to find ithm him, he’s a ballhawk type of player, now you see, him understanding the system and being more physical at the point of attack.

. . . [Would you consider redshirting Xavier Martin] Yeah, we will try to do what’s best for him, we try to get past the first few weeks before wholeheartedly saying he’s going to redshirt. Not currently 2nd team.

. . . [I think about the depth of inside receivers] We’ve got JoJo as a late addition, along with some other guys to step int.

. . . [Who is the other starter at safety] We’ll let y’all see when we roll out there. We have a good experienced group.

A few things to take from this, including the idea that McLane Carter is the #2 quarterback, which isn’t a surprise and Madison Akamnonu is your swing tackle. Plus, Stockton, Nisby, Felton and King are your 1, 2, 3 and 4 at running back.


Here are your aforementioned captains: Dakota Allen, Jah’Shawn Johnson, Nic Shimonek, Cameron Batson and Dylan Cantrell.

 A-J Media’s Don Williams and RedRaiderSports’ Brandon Soliz both have notebooks breaking down Kingsbury’s press conference. In Williams’ notebook, he gives his rundown of who he thinks will two-deep will be when it’s released today. Williams believes that Eli Howard and Lonzell Gilmore get the starts at end and Mych Thomas and Broderick Washington start at tackle. Also, Vaughnte Dorsey at safety alongside Johnson and Morgan and Smith at cornerback.

 RedRaiderSports’ Will McKay breaks down the five captains from this year.


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