Recruiting on the Plains: 2018 OL Weston Wright Player Profile

Wright was the second commit on Commitment Sunday (TM).

Player: Weston Wright
Position: Offensive Line
Height: 6’7″
Weight: 290
School: New Braunfels (New Braunfels, Texas)
Class: 2018
Offers: Air Force, Army, New Mexico, Rice, Texas-San Antonio, Texas Tech
Recruiting Services: Rivals | 24/7 Sports | Scout | ESPN
Cumulative Ranking: 0.8115

The second of the four commits from Sunday was New Braunfels offensive lineman Weston Wright, who, according to Red Raider Sports’ Maitland Rutledge, the decision was pretty simple:

“Yesterday I kind of had a moment of clarity when which I felt that my two obvious choices were Rice or Texas Tech. I sat down last night and I talked to my family a bunch and I really prayed a lot about it and at one point it just struck me, Texas Tech is the place I want to be.”

“After I talked to coach (Brandon) Jones in the past and about his coaching style, I just prefer it more than to Rice,” he added.

I like Wright’s size and strength. I think he’s got the idea of blocking through the whistle and Wright has run blocking down pretty pat. There aren’t a ton of pass blocking clips and when he does pass block, his footwork seems to be a bit sloppy and I’d guess that this is an area where he’ll need to improve. Footwork is probably one of those things where the player has to get this done more in college rather than in high school. In high school, the coaches are probably just fine with Wright blocking the heck out of anyone and doesn’t have to have great footwork with most defenders. I’d also add that being as big as he is, Wright is probably still trying to figure things out physically because he’s still growing, but he’s got a terrific frame and you can’t coach that.


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