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The Morning Stake: May 25th

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Texas Tech dropped their first game to Oklahoma State, 3-0. I’m keeping up with all games in the Big 12 Championship open thread.

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This is Nic Shimonek with Odell Beckham Jr. and Johnny Manziel.

Iron sharpens iron . . Only a matter of time ⏳ . . #dontflinch

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SB Nation’s Bill Connelly finished all of his Big 12 previews and he writes that the thinks the Big 12 is going to be better than expected, but he also thinks that Texas Tech is in a 4th tier, the last tier, with Kansas.

The good news: almost everybody is projected to improve. This was a young conference β€” another reason for the draft issues β€” and S&P+ expects seven of 10 teams to perform better this fall. Two others (WVU and Kansas) have enough transfers to lead you to believe they might avoid regression as well.

Texas was one of the youngest teams in the country, and TCU wasn’t far behind. They’re both projected to surge. Oklahoma State might have the best passing game in the country. Kansas State could have one of the nation’s best running games.

Texas is projected 16th in S&P+, and the top three non-OU/UT teams are projected to improve their average to 23.7. Things aren’t A-OK all of a sudden, but there should be a bounce back.

There’s no mention of Texas Tech, but the numbers were so bad for Texas Tech defensively that it’s difficult to project much more. And keep in mind that Connelly does add some personal opinion, but his projections are largely based on the numbers and Texas Tech’s numbers on defense were absolutely terrible.

LandGrantGauntlet’s Chris Ross has the breakdown of what each conference received in regards to the yearly payout and it appears that the Big 12 paid out $28.9 million per institution, which is second behind the SEC, although you’d imagine that the Big Ten will be second overall. The Big 12’s payout doesn’t include the third tier rights, so those could be worth $15 million to $6 million per school. The Big 12’s payout is still more than the Pac-12 and the ACC. The Pac-12’s payout was $28.7 million, which included third tier rights and the ACC paid out $23.8 million, also include third tier rights.


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