Texas Tech Football Things: Return from Spring Break

The players and coaches return from spring break.

Kliff Kingsbury:

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. . . dreaded practice post-spring break, the defense did a nice job creating turnovers, some of those young quarterbacks had some brain freezes, but overall, better energy than expected . . . [any bad reports from spring break] nobody on the bottom line, didn’t get any picture mails or bad text messages . . . [what Kingsbury has seen from Jaylon Lane, Octavious Morgan, Devaughnte Dorsey] a real competitive nature, guys that expected to play, they are bound and determined to play this year, and they are making a case to do that, hopefully on Saturday, they show up . . . [being around the defense] I hope so, I just trying to be their biggest cheerleader, and be more involved, how they are doing, asking their position coach what they need to work on, taking more of an interest in the defensive side of the ball, I feel like offensively we have some veteran players, I know that they are about, it’s allowed me to do that . . . [they are practicing with a higher intensity] I hope so, whatever I can do to help that side, I don’t try to be some defensive guru . . . [Demarcus Fields] hurt his shoulder again, probably 3-4 month range, mid-summer, same shoulder, it was a non-football activity, it wasn’t anything, he would probably be embarrassed if you knew how he hurt it . . . [Joe Wallace] he’s out of punishment, he’s been good, it’s his second practice today, he’s flying around, he has to be a big part of the defensive line, he’s one of the more explosive players we have on that front . . . [Houston Miller] he’s a guy that we see continue to put on weight, he’s added 40-50 pounds, we think 20-25 more, just to give us some more depth at some of those inside pieces, we have some ends and rushes we feel good about, we think having a bigger a 3-technique will help us . . . [who has impressed at rush end] Eli Howard, impressed the way he uses his hands, Kolin Hill has gotten bigger and stronger . . . [Vaughnte Dorsey] he’s a guy that handles his business, if you meet his mom, you’ll see why, she runs a bunch of convenience stores where they’re from, like 11, and she doesn’t put up with anything where their from and that’s the way he carries himself off the field and has really fit in well here . . . [here is the PB&J article about how the NBA is infatuated with PG&J sandwiches and here’s what Kingsbury likes with his PB&J] I know we have them, I’m not big on them, I was big on them in college, creamy, Peter Pan, and grape . . . [took a picture Wilson Mustangs] it was fun to be out, they got to meet Pat, it was cool to have them out where . . . [making a big deal of a defensive play] we have to build energy on that side of the ball, I’m trying to get that going with some of those defensive players, and we definitely need to have more positive moments over there . . . [have done this offensively?] yea, I think so, we just have to be better on that side of the ball . . . [Patrick Mahomes being here with Nic Shimonek] I think it’s fun, they are competitive, it’s fun anytime Pat comes around, they have an incredible relationship and they talk all of the time, they pushed each other all of the time, now that Pat’s a big NFL guy, I’m sure Pat has coached them up . . . [Sean Payton from the New Orleans Saints] I believe so, he stopped through apparently, we’ll leave it at that . . .

David Gibbs discusses the defense:

 LAJ’s Don Williams talked to S Vaughnte Dorsey about how he grew up and raised him:

“We had it rough for a while, but things started to ease up,” Dorsey said. “In the meantime, we’ve become more of a family. We have such a strong family, the atmosphere is all love.”

Dorsey said one trait his mom taught him serves him well around college football coaches.

“I know as a little kid, she always taught me, ‘Look a man in the eye when he’s talking to you,’ ” he said. “I think that’s something that’s big around here, because that’s basically, like, integrity.”

LAJ’s Don Williams also talked with DT Mychealon Thomas and how he’s motivated for his senior year:

Thomas reported to Tech last summer weighing 345 and eventually trimmed down to 322. He said he weighed in this week at 327, and keeping his weight in check is key.

“I’m moving pretty fast,” he said, “but they want me to be … I should be getting down to like 315, 310 and move a little faster.”

Thomas acknowledged that slimming to 315 will be a challenge.

“Big, because I have to eat right,” he said. “I have to make sure what I’m eating, drink a lot of water and then practice as well. So it’s a big challenge, but I’m getting there and I’m trying to better myself.”

RRS’s Drew Kohnle has recaps from Vaughnte Dorsey, Kolin Hill, Taylor Nunez, and Mychealon Thomas. Here’s a bit from Hill’s interview:

…From the rush position, how often do you rush the QB and how often do you drop back in coverage?

“It’s kind of like 50/50. It just depends on what the call is. Usually we will run a 4 down linemen, but some of the times it will be only 3 down, and I will be back at linebacker depth.”

…Hill commented on what he has noticed from having the head coach around the defensive side of the ball more this spring.

“What I’ve noticed a lot this spring is coach Kingsbury has been over on the defensive side a lot. He has just been encouraging us, something he didn’t really do last year. His presence is very well felt, seeing him on the defensive side of the ball. Watching us and getting after us on film. He will get after us on film just like our position coaches will.”


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