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The Morning Stake: February 27th

I’m taking my annual spring weekend away. I’ll be totally away from the computer from Friday through Sunday with very little internet access. Well, I’ll have access so long as I walk down the road to get service. I wont’ be able to update the baseball weekend and it will be the start of spring practices for football as well as junior day. It’s going to be a busy weekend, but I’m sure you all will hold down the fort for me.




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The weekend post is updated. Recaps. Links to box scores. Highlights. It’s all there.

Baylor Continues to be Tone Deaf

After beating Texas Tech handily, Baylor women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey decided to express her opinion about how great Baylor is as a university, via CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish.

“If somebody [is] around [you] and they ever say, ‘I will never send my daughter to Baylor,’ you knock them right in the face,” Mulkey said into a microphone following a win over Texas Tech that secured a seventh straight Big 12 title.

Baylor fans cheered her message.

Mulkey subsequently called Baylor the “best damn school in America” and insisted “the problems we have at Baylor are no different than the problems at any other school in America.” Simply put, she’s wrong on both points because A) Baylor is not the “best damn school in America” by any way such things are measured, and B) literally no other school in America has problems like Baylor’s problems.

I’m not sure where to start, but if there was ever a reason to shut down the entire athletics program at Baylor, this is it. There are some folks at Baylor that are too close to what’s happened that they can’t separate reality from their own fiction.

Meanwhile, via FOX Sports’ Bruce Feldman, a Texas representative has filed a resolution to being an investigation into Baylor’s sexual assault issues. I hate to touch on the political page and I don’t want this to turn into a political discussion, but a discussion about how Baylor continues to devolve as an institution is totally acceptable.


I joined Big 12 Country to discuss Texas Tech recruiting. You can listen here and make sure and check it out!

All they can do is work their tails off.

Congrats to the lifters of the week. Get. It.

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With the NFL combine about to be underway, SI’s Chris Burke ranks the quarterbacks heading into the combine, Patrick Mahomes has moved up to #2 on some boards:

Each of the top four quarterbacks has a claim to the top spot, as well as a glaring issue that comes with his game. Watson turned the ball over too much, Mahomes comes from a Texas Tech “Air Raid” system that could make his NFL transition difficult, Kizer wilted in 2016 as his team struggled and Trubisky has footwork issues that could take a long while to fix. Watson holds an edge here as much for the work he does pre-snap as the production he put up—the former certainly led to the latter. He showed up on the biggest stages. With a game built so much around how he can improvise, Mahomes won’t be for everyone, but he has a huge arm and incredible upside. Kizer has an inch-plus of height and a good 15 to 20 pounds on Watson, which counts in the pocket, and he also can get out and run when he needs to. Trubisky is such a mixed bag: He might be the first QB off the board, and he also might need the most seasoning before he’s ready to start.

The thing that I think a lot of people don’t realize is that these other quarterbacks have flaws too, including Mahomes. I think teams are going to to fall in love with Mahomes at the combine.

Over the weekend, Baker Mayfield was arrested for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, fleeing, and resisting arrest. I’m sure that he will use the arrest to gain a bigger chip on his shoulder to only use this arrest to prove all of the “haters” wrong and this will be used as a redemption story. Who wants to bet? I don’t really want to bet, but I can see the story written now, “Arrest only provides greater stage for redemption of OU’s Mayfield”.


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