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The Morning Stake: January 27th




Also announced is that Texas Tech will be on TV just once in the Big 12 season, against TCU and on FS1. If you ever wanted to hate the Big 12 television package, it’s college baseball where Texas Tech is incredible, but this is it for a top 25 team. Meanwhile, the SEC Network has baseball on all of the time (this is not a technical term, but it doesn’t make it any less true). The Big 12 will have 12 total games while the SEC will have 98.


The only difference between the two fields is that the double-t in the middle of the field is bigger.

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 LAJ’s Don Williams reports that the field isn’t the only thing that is going to change. In addition to the double-t logo being bigger, the font is a bit different. Also, the artificial turf practice field is going to be replaced because of the sunlight that would hit the grass field and the IPF blocking that precious sunshine. Also, Williams reports that the locker room in the football training facility will be renovated, hasn’t been started yet, but will be ready when the summer workouts start (Don refuses to call it fall practice and I’m cool with that). The locker room will happen quickly apparently. And as far as the IPF, Hocutt was that things are under budget and on time (sorta):

“If anything, we’re under budget right now,” he said. “It will be on time, on budget as we sit here today. I say on time … If you ask them over there now, they’d say they’re seven to 10 weeks behind, but we’ll work on the schedule and our goal will be to make those days up as we go forward — weather dependent, of course.”

Hocutt also mentions a new scoreboard for the softball team, expansion of the golf team’s practice facility, renovation of the Garst Pavilion for the tennis team.

LAJ’s Don Williams reports that the schedule that is presented for the 2017 will be the schedule. Texas Tech AD Kirby Hocutt attempted to move some games around, but to no avail:

“Sometimes when you look to move a game or two, there’s an easier solution out there,” Hocutt said Thursday. “What we were attempting to do with this year’s schedule just proved to be much more complicated. It involved a number of parties. And so it’s not going to change this year.”

LAJ’s Don Williams (he’s been busy) is also reporting that ticket prices are not increasing, a decision made way before the 5-7 season.

Via NewsOK, Rowdy Warner has agreed to a preferred walk-on spot at Texas Tech. Warner, 6’4″/205, caught 66 passes for 1,287 yards and 13 touchdowns. You can check out Warner’s highlights on Hudl.




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