Big 12 Recruiting: One Month Away

We’re about one month away from National Signing Day and I wanted to take a quick look at how the Big 12 is shaping up. From a national perspective, Oklahoma is leading the way and I expect them to absolutely be the cream of the crop in the Big 12. Nationally, this is how the Big 12 is looking thus far:

24/7 Sports: Oklahoma (8), Oklahoma State (29), Texas Tech (32), West Virginia (38), Texas (43)
Rivals: Oklahoma (4), West Virginia (27), Oklahoma State (29), Iowa State (31), Texas Tech (33), Texas (48)
Scout: Oklahoma (4), Texas Tech (28), Oklahoma State (30), Texas (36), West Virginia (39), Iowa State (42)

I only pulled the top 50 teams, but as you can tell, it’s Oklahoma and everyone else. This is why the Big 12 is struggling. There is only so much coaching that can make up for lack of talent.

24/7 Sports

I’ve grown to like 24/7’s rankings, not sure why. It seems like they have a lot of boots on the ground, probably just as much as Rivals. I only included the number of commits in the 24/7 profile, but they obviously apply throughout. The key here is that you cna probalby expect for Texas to make a jump as will TCU, it’s a small class and if they add to it, then they’ll fly up the rankings.

The other thing that I’m not sure about is how many scholarships Texas Tech actually has to offer and may be in a bit of a beneficial spot because of the early enrollees as they really count in the 2016 class, or at least part of the 2016 team.

24/7 Sports Commits Average Points
Oklahoma 23 90.37 261.29
Oklahoma State 22 84.27 188.84
Texas Tech 20 84.60 183.90
Texas 12 88.01 181.10
Iowa State 20 83.88 172.59
West Virginia 20 83.94 171.33
TCU 11 87.79 168.61
Kansas State 16 82.52 145.02
Kansas 17 81.37 139.68
Baylor 4 84.81 58.09


Texas Tech’s average star ranking takes a hit because Tony Jones and McLane Carter aren’t even ranked and that makes everything else tumble. It is what it is. Depending on how TCU and Texas Close, I think Texas Tech could pretty well see a 7th place ranking. Also note the disparity between on how 24/7 and Rivals sees West Virginia.

Rivals Average Points
Oklahoma 3.70 2,553.00
West Virginia 2.90 1,400.00
Oklahoma State 2.85 1,395.00
Iowa State 2.85 1,380.00
Texas Tech 2.62 1,349.00
Texas 3.42 1,153.00
Kansas 2.71 1,050.00
TCU 3.36 1,027.00
Kanas State 2.63 960.00
Baylor 3.00 315.00


Scout is the most bullish on Texas Tech, a solid average and solid points. Again, TCU and Texas are just waiting in the wings and if they pick up some more players, they’ll shot up the rankings.

Scout Average Points
Oklahoma 3.74 3,973.00
Texas Tech 2.95 1,819.00
Oklahoma State 2.90 1,781.00
Texas 3.25 1,585.00
West Virginia 2.90 1,528.00
Iowa State 2.90 1,493.00
TCU 3.18 1,244.00
Kansas State 2.59 926.00
Kansas 2.50 824.00
Baylor 2.50 278.00

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