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The Morning Stake: October 25th

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original-double-t USA Today’s Paul Meyerberg wrote about the day that QB Patrick Mahomes quit baseball and became a great football player:

“For Coach Kingsbury to look at me in the eye, and I think he says things to me that he doesn’t to other people,” Morris said, “and say this kid is going to be the best guy I’ve ever coached and it’s not even close … it’s saying a lot about the kid.”

Said wide receiver Dylan Cantrell, a teammate of Mahomes at Whitehouse High School, “There’s definitely no limits to him.”

Mahomes’ growth from merely productive to nearly without peer among FBS quarterbacks can be tied to four factors: his decision to quit baseball, countless hours in the weight room, even more time studying film and his work with a virtual-reality program new to Texas Tech this offseason.

“I’ve really sold out all the way in football. I’ve really spent all my time here,” Mahomes said. “It’s just made things a lot easier. I have a good game plan. I’m bigger, I’m stronger, I’m faster. I mean, it’s something where everything’s come together at the right time. It shows on the field.”

Meanwhile, Mahomes was named the co-offensive player of the week with Joe Mixon.

original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams writes about the turnovers, or lack thereof. If there’s anything that you should know, and we really should have talked about this last year, is that turnovers aren’t predictable and they are, generally speaking, somewhat random. And this is the reason why head coach Kliff Kingsbury didn’t have any answers:

“They’re back there right now working on every angle we can,” Kingsbury said of his staff. “If I had an answer for the struggles, I would let you know. If I could answer why we haven’t gotten any turnovers, I would fix it, but they’re working diligently to try to put people in the right places to be successful, and the players have to make plays.”

original-double-t Set your Palm Pilots.

original-double-t If the quarterback mechanics start to fail, don’t blame me.

original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams has a notebook of items from yesterday’s press conference, including why Kingsbury played Da’Leon Ward so much and also the idea Kris Williams and D’Vonta Hinton were out on Saturday, maybe for discipline reasons. Derrick Willies and Dylan Cantrell could maybe play this week, but for sure next week. Also, the question about the fans chanting at Mayfield and Kingsbury wanting the fans to stay above that.

original-double-t I’m saving the best for last. There is a writer who comes up with terrible ideas and he works for the Star-Telegram and his name is Mac Engel. This isn’t to say that Engel can’t write good things, but in this particular instance, Engel suggested that Texas Tech hire Art Briles (you can choose to click on this, but it’s not exactly great writing and I won’t judge you if you do because I did). After giving the double middle finger to my computer screen I let out a few f-bombs and then closed the screen. It’s insulting and I am pretty sure that I’d stop blogging if Texas Tech hired Briles.

original-double-t Miscellaneous . . . Campus Insiders previews this week’s game with TCU and picks TCU to win easily . . .


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