Texas Tech Welcomes Inclusion of Houston to Big 12

Texas Tech has officially released a statement about the University of Houston’s inclusion into the Big 12.

On a Friday night when I was supposed to start my vacation, incoming president Laawrence Schovanec and Texas Tech released a statement regarding the inclusion of Houston into the Big 12:

As the Big 12 evaluates its options for expansion, Texas Tech welcomes consideration of the University of Houston. We have always valued our partnership with UH.-Lawrence Schovanec, Ph.D., incoming president

I am a bit surprised by this, but if yesterday’s report that Texas may be seeking political favors in exchange for the inclusion of Houston could also be at play with Texas Tech or maybe . . . Texas Tech just doesn’t care and is happy to include them.

Of course, the thought here is that Texas Tech has always aligned themselves with Texas and the thought is that Texas will always take along Texas Tech, no matter what happens. Just vote along with the Longhorns and you’ll be fine. That’s the alleged promise, although it has never been confirmed publicly. The other key with this is is the magical mystical Grant of Rights, which doesn’t expire until 2024-25. I can’t imagine the Longhorns agreeing to extend those Grant of Rights and at that point everyone goes their separate ways.


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