Ten Thoughts on Eric Morris, Who Says Things Have Been Quiet for a Reason

Texas Tech offensive coordinator Eric Morris was on with Chuck Heinz and Aaron Dickens on The Morning Drive on Friday. These are my ten thoughts on the interview and this is not a non-transcript.

1. The summer has been pretty quiet is by design. Obviously, no one is happy with how the season ended.  There have been a few closed door meetings and we have some leaders stepping up this summer. Le’Raven Clark and Pete Robertson have done a good job. This has been a theme with Smith as well, but Morris knows that they have talked about it enough. Time to get back out there and have these guys compete.

2. The funny thing is that this group hasn’t really talked much at all this spring and summer.  It’s been real quiet and as mentioned above, that’s been by design.

3. Leadership isn’t something that they can force, first time these coaches have really seen it. Le’Raven held a couple of players-only meetings he could have left, he said he had a lot more to give to TTU and he wasn’t going to go out on the note that we did. he’s move vocal, he’s lost 20 pounds and put it o the back way. He’s gotten stronger and leading the right way. Not sure if anyone else just had their chest puff out a little bit with some pride knowing how hard Clark has worked and that he had more to give to Texas Tech.

4. Have done less 7-on-7, less throwing. First summer was all strength training and getting faster, last year may have burned them out a bit by just throwing. Said that they’ll back into throwing the second summer session.

5. Said that Patrick Mahomes did a good job protecting the football the last three games. Frustrating that the three early turnovers vs. Baylor were all fumbles. The coaches stress turnovers until they’re blue in the face. Have charts all over the place about where teams that turn the ball over and where they finish.

6. Morris acknowledged that turnovers is something they have to coach better and the teams that are at the top don’t turn it over. There are times you get unlucky, but were essentially the bad news bears at times, times wanted to pull your hair out.

7. Morris was asked if turnovers changes the way that he calls plays and said that turnovers will get you out of a rhythm.  The difference between this year and last year is that he thinks that Texas Tech has enough kids where they can pull kids out of there. It’s not like Texas Tech doesn’t have any options. Said that Texas Tech has kids that are working and have a look in their eye and if they’re not performing, then they have to have an option to put someone in.

8. Said that Davis Webb and Mahomes, both are doing a good job leading the groups, and they aren’t trying to pull people one way or another, and as a coaching staff and a team. It was strange listening to that because you have to assume that there are camps within a locker room, but it sounds like Texas Tech is incredibly lucky to have two leaders on this team who aren’t playing games.

9. Morris said that he thinks that the quarterback starter will work itself out and they want to have a guy the last two weeks, it’s big to be in the huddle and have them all look at one kid’s face and not going back and forth and being wishy-washy about the decision. Morris said that Texas Tech has a good group in the huddle. The right tackle is the only guy that’s unproven, have lots of guys that have played. Shorts, Brown, Kiki, they can all run and have some ball skills and Morris said that Texas Tech is going to have that on offense.

10. Our head coach has a determined look on his face every morning. That trickles down.


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