Gridiron on the Plains: David Gibbs Talks Spring Practice and the Defense’s Progress

Texas Tech defensive coordinator David Gibbs was available for the post-spring game media and he talked about the state of the defense, the progress that the defense has made and he and the staff are still a work in progress. Main points and video after the jump.

I’ll summarize some of the bigger talking points:

  • Gibbs says that they probably weren’t ready for a spring game, but the kids played hard and flew around.  Very much a transition and work-in-progress. They practice hard, play hard and learn and study.
  • Gibbs said that the offense was doing a great job of protecting turnovers and is confident that Texas Tech will be able to create turnovers on defense.
  • He had some terrific things to say about Micah Awe and said that he’s far and away Texas Tech’s best linebacker.  Gibbs said that Awe is versatile and smart, pleased with him for the first nine practices into this thing.
  • Mentioned the need to mature a couple of times when discussing Josh Outlaw. Said that he’s got all the potential in the world, but that potential will only get you so far. Gibbs really struggled here and hesitated a couple of times.  Said that Outlaw has to mature and grow up and you’ll see him plenty in scrimmages, but he needs to mature.
  • When asked about the outside linebackers, he said that the staff is cross-training all of the linebacker spots and he’s trying to find four or five linebackers that can play. Mentioned that when you cross-train the linebackers, it’s harder on them, but better in the long run.  Also said that everyone wants to talk about Mike Mitchell, but he’s learning a whole bunch of football right now and catching up.
  • When asked about Breiden Fehoko, he mentioned again that should be at prom right, this week.  Gibbs said that Fehoko was just sorta there those first six practices, but is really starting to grow up these last three or so, including the scrimmage.  Gibbs said that he’s going to have a rotation of 8 to 10 defensive linemen. He’s going to be something special.
  • The problem with these Big 12 offenses, they rarely let you line up and do what you want to do, so it’s hard on the young guys. The more time the Texas Tech defense is together, the better they’ll get.
  • As to the defensive backs, Gibbs said that other than Nigel Bethel, II, no one knows anyone’s name back there. He thinks that Texas Tech will be better against the pass and said that you won’t hate the secondary.  Mentions that he’s a secondary coach and is going to call the defense to protect those guys.  Are they good enough now? No, right now, one one is really standing out in my mind.


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